Protranslation Interpreter

CONSECUTIVE INTERPRETING (Russian, English, Italian)

Negotiation and accompanying at the fair, visit to production, assembly, start-up works, conclusion of the contract, post-fair telephone follow-up, tastings and presentations in Veneto (Verona).


Advertising and technical materials, instructions for use, manuals, business correspondence, materials for courses and training, websites.


  • Commercial
  • Building
  • Furniture and design
  • Industrial engineering
  • Steelworks and engineering
  • Wine and food

How I work

How I Work

1. What Kind of Services I Provide 

A native Russian speaker, I am also fluent in both English and Italian. I specialize in technical and business communication and primarily serve as a consecutive interpreter based in Verona. Consecutive interpretation translates the speech of the participants during pauses, and does not require any special equipment, allowing for a significant reduction in costs compared to simultaneous interpretation. I can also provide this service remotely by means of video conference or chat software, a popular choice for clients as it allows to cut down on expenses and time for organizational alignment.

Additionally, I offer localisation expertise and translation service for websites, contracts, correspondence, didactic materials and business communication of all types from Russian to Italian, Russian to English and vice versa. 

2. Russian- English and Russian-Italian Interpreter in Verona: Translation Services Costs and Commercial Offers

I demonstrate my dedication and reliability right from the start as I always communicate quickly to understand the details of the job and the client’s expectations. To do the best job possible, an interpreter will need to know certain details beforehand, such as if the translation is written or oral, the field of communication (technical, business, legal, etc.) and other background details relating to the event. In the case of written translation, a copy of the document to be translated is also required. All of this information, along with the complexity of the text, will set the interpreter’s rate. In order to receive a quote for an oral  translation, the estimated amount of time for the service and the location are additional factors.

3. Preparation for an Interpreting Job

Once the cost has been agreed to by the client, a fundamental part of the job starts—preparation. Very often clients can underestimate the importance of the preparation for the interpreting job, as the success of the client’s communication depends on how well the interpreter is able to understand the subject and is familiar with the specialized vocabulary of the situation. All interpreters, even those with decades of experience will need to make glossaries and study the subject before any job.

4. Interpreter Job

During the interpreting I use the glossary that I prepared in advance, take notes and, if necessary, ask for clarification because precision is important to all clients and is the key to a perfect execution. I will advise that each participant speaks in relatively short and complete phrases, this way the idea is transmitted to the other interlocutors and the flow of the discourse is not interrupted. 

I provide interpreting services in the Veneto region (Verona, Venice, Padua, Vicenza), Milan and Bologna, but I am available for international service as requested. 


Who I am


I was born in Minsk in 1987 into a family where women have always put a great value on education. My great grandmother was a teacher at school, my grandmother is a cardiologist, my aunt has a Ph.D. in physics and my mother is a mathematician.

Nevertheless, I chose a path radically different from the exact sciences. Since childhood I have been interested in literature and foreign languages. In my teen years I started traveling, which helped me to develop essential qualities such as candor, flexibility and being proactive in all aspects of life. I graduated from Belarusian State University with a degree in linguistics and obtained a Bachelor’s degree in European Humanitarian University in Political Sciences.

I came to Italy to obtain a masters in Linguistics. Soon thereafter I fell in love with this beautiful country. After successfully finishing my studies I worked in the field of foreign trade. This experience helped me to better understand the nature of main business-processes, knowledge that I find very useful in fulfilling my interpreting duties.



The time of my clients is precious, that is why I reply with the job quotes quickly and guarantee the deadlines of the translations.


Innate empathy and solid experience of work in various cultural contexts help me to better understand the specific character and necessities of any negotiation.


These are my guiding principles in everything I do.


  • 2018: interpreter during a visit to “Giusti maniglie” (production processes and commercial negotiations).

  • 2017: Collaboration with “The wine board of Valpolicella”: translation of the didactic materials for “Valpolicella Education Program”.

  • 2016-2017: Translator and export department employee in “Specchiasol” (pharmaceutical sector).

  • 2016: Interpreter at the project “Energy efficiency optimization at “NLMK” Verona” (support during the operator presetting of the blast furnace, evaluation of wastewater refining process and energy consumption: steelmaking).

  • 2014-2016: Interpreter and export specialist in “MGR S.r.l.” (a representing company on the territory of CIS countries in the following fields: construction materials and machinery, furniture, production equipment).

  • 2013-2014: Interpreter during the project of installation of SAP ERP on “NLMK” Verona (modules covered: finance and accounting, controlling, logistics and stock, production, IT).

  • 2010-2011: Interpreter in printing sector (consumables, machinery and spare parts)


  • 2018: “Salone Internazionale del Mobile” (furniture exhibition in Milan) with “Morelato”, Ebanistaria Italiana.
  • 2018: “Vinitaly” (Verona) with “Poggio delle Grazie”.
  • 2018: “Progetto Fuoco” (Verona) with “GC Meccanica” (pellet production mashinery).
  • 2017: Vitafoods (Switzerland) with “Specchiasol” (pharmaceutics).
  • 2016: Bauma (Germany) with “SIPE” (concrete production plants).
  • 2016: Salone Internazionale del Mobile (Milan) (furniture) with “Morelato”, Ebanistaria Italiana.
  • 2015: MosBuild (Russia) with “Geoplast”, construction materials.
  • 2015: BakuBuild (Azerbaijan) with “Geoplast”, construction materials.
  • 2015: KazBuid (Kazakhstan) with “SIPE”, concrete production plants.
  • 2014: Marmomacc (Veron) with “Saint Petersburg Design Week”.


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