Getting married in Italy: what papers are needed to get married in Italy?

Magical sunlight, age-old olive groves, antique churches and historic villas, excellent food and wine, tempered climate: these are only some of the reasons that many couples choose Italy as their wedding destination. This article will also be useful for those who are planning to marry an Italian citizen, as we will describe the process of preparation of the papers for the marriage, Italian bureaucracy and some pitfalls of the wedding business.

So, without further ado, let’s look into the documents needed to get married in Italy:

  1. A valid passport or a national ID-card (if applicable) for both spouses

  2. An original birth certificate for both spouses translated by a certified translator at your embassy

  3. In the case you have been previously married: divorce papers or a death certificate (with certified translations)

  4. Nulla osta al matrimonio (an official paper stating that you don’t have legal impediments to contract a marriage, citizens of some countries are not requested to have this paper legalized in the Italian embassy) or a Dichiarazione giurata (a formal declaration made in front of a consular office of your country.

  5. Atto notorio (a further confirmation in front of an Italian notary officer that you don‘t have any legal impediments for your marriage)

  6. A declaration of intent to get married

    Please keep in mind that the list of the documents varies for each country, before starting the procedure, be sure to look at your embassy’s website for the list of documents.

If you want to celebrate your wedding at a Catholic church (which is the main church in Italy), remember that you will be required to supply the following documents:

  1. The baptism certificates for both spouses

  2. The confirmation certificates for both spouses

  3. The letter of no impediment to marry

  4. A marriage class attendance certificate from your local church

  5. The permission of your bishop to marry abroad

    The religious marriage is automatically recognized in Italy by the civil authorities.

    Not all couples have the time and patience to prepare all of the necessary documents themselves, that is why they delegate this process to the professionals. I can say, in my opinion, that hiring a wedding planner saves not only time and the effort of organizing your wedding day details but it also saves you from the nerve-wrecking struggle of dealing with the Italian bureaucracy system. In a word, their help is priceless! This article has been written with the help of a good friend of mine and a professional in wedding planning, Elena Fosse. She will be happy to help you organize your unforgettable wedding in Puglia. Elena is the owner of a successful brand Princess Apulia, you can visit her page and request any additional information at:

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